The ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award is presented to an individual selected for career contributions that have breadth within computer science, or that bridge computer science and other disciplines. This award is accompanied by a prize of $10,000, provided by ACM and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and by individual contributions.

Eric Horvitz Named 2015 ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award Recipient

Eric Horvitz, recipient of the ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award for contributions to artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction spanning the computing and decision sciences through developing principles and models of sensing, reflection, and rational action. His contributions have advanced the understanding of how computing systems can reflect about their own reasoning and about the goals and cognition of people. He showed how these methods can enable people and machines to work closely together as coordinated teams to solve problems, taking advantage of the complementarities of human and machine intelligence. Horvitz has played a leadership role in the development and fielding of practical applications including intelligent cloud services that make predictions about road traffic patterns and provide ideal route directions; computational models that assist physicians with decisions about such outcomes as readmissions and infections; methods that allocate resources within operating systems; and techniques for prioritizing, filtering, and interpreting email. Horvitz is a technical fellow at Microsoft Research and a past president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). He is a fellow of ACM, AAAI, and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

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